Benefits of Donating Online:

It’s a matter of preference, but below are some benefits to consider:

• It allows you to focus on the service while you're at church.

• It is easy, saves time, and can be immediately documented (by printing or digitally saving receipt).

• You can donate any time (24/7) even if you are unable to attend services.

• You can setup recurring automatic payments or a single payment.

• You can view records of your donations online.

Click the DONATE Button below to securely donate online using a Credit / Debit Card.

One-Time Donation ONLY

NO Fee Assessed by PayPal

Recurring Donations ONLY

Small Fee Assessed by PayPal (2.2% + $0.30)

Payments through Checking Account

*Requires Zelle Service through your Bank


1) Login to your bank institution online

2) Inside of Online Banking, click on Payments

3) Click on Send Money with Zelle

4) Create a new contact (St. Mary of Egypt & St. Timothy Coptic Orthodox Church)

  • Name of Contact should be the same

5) Select my contact as the recipient to send payment once It has been added

6) Enter the amount you would like to donate

7) If you would like to recreate a recurring donation:

  • Next to the Send Today (one time), click the change button

  • Update the frequency to every month

  • Select the Duration Until I cancel (or # of payments)

  • Start Date, select the date you would like the first donation to go out on

  • Click the Review button (not done yet)

8) Click Send to initiate the donation

To Donate by Mail:

Kindly make donations payable to:

St. Mary of Egypt & St. Timothy Coptic Orthodox Church

Mailing Address:

St. Mary of Egypt & St. Timothy Coptic Orthodox Church

P.O. Box 965

Hightstown, NJ 08520